Conflict Management Style Essay Sample

Conflict Mangement Stylen For The Original Essay

Communication is the key to resolving conflicts. Such issues can arise at home, work, or in a public place. Different people have different communication styles. The course of action taken by an individual depends on his authority, the seriousness of the issue, and the environmental factors. Some people tend to dominate the conversation, while others remain passive. Based on the attitudes of people, there are five major conflict-resolving styles. These methods include competing style, avoiding style, accommodating style, collaborative style, and compromising style.

The actor, who is the mother of the foster child, is showing a competing style. She doesn’t want to listen to anyone else’s advice. She also ignores the needs of Caleb. She wants to earn money, and that is her central motif. In this way, she ignores the needs of Caleb to satisfy her greed. This type of behavior is typical of a competing pattern of resolving conflict. She negates the concepts of humanity and moral ethics for her personal needs. Resentment and hatred are the emotions that are instilled in the opposite party due to this behavior.

The video also shows people exhibiting an avoiding style. In this style of resolving conflict, no intervention is made by the person. He chooses just to witness the event and ignore it altogether. As seen in the video, some people mind their own business despite seeing that Caleb is being treated harshly. They think that it’s not their place to meddle with the personal affairs of the family. They remain seated and eat their food. Although their expressions give an idea of internal grief, they make no effort to rescue Caleb. Reasons for displaying this type of behavior are mostly fear and the authoritative nature of the opposing party. People who show this style of resolving conflict are afraid that intervention at any point can result in a severe disturbance.

One woman in the video shows a compromising style. She is ready to order food for Caleb. She also wants him to write his number on a page so that she can adopt him later. In this way, she is sacrificing her own needs for Caleb. The compromising style demands that the needs of the others are put before one’s needs. The woman is ready to alter her budget in order to accommodate Caleb. This type of behavior wins the heart of others. But it can also result in the sacrifice of one’s own gains.

Collaborative style is also depicted in the video. Some people want to create a win-win situation. They offer food to Caleb and also advise the foster mother to take better care of him. They do not want to be dominant. They just want to find a solution that works for everyone. Collaborative style means that everyone gets what he wants. This style of resolving conflicts is often difficult to implement. Severe backlash is faced by the person who proposes this method. As seen in the video, despite being advised by the people, the foster mother tends to remain adamant and doesn’t want to resolve the conflict at all.

All in all, conflicts can sometimes become a serious menace. It is essential to apply the right conflict management style at the right time. As seen in the video, the best form of conflict management is the collaborative style. It is a lengthy and ordeal process. But it takes care of everyone’s needs. Caleb will be offered better living conditions, while his foster mother will also receive the money that she desperately wants.