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Communication in Business

I am a communication major student and Dagostino’s (2022) article is in line with my major. The article was published on Forbes to inform business leaders on the need to improve communication of their offerings in a post-pandemic business landscape. Before the pandemic, the majority of businesses prided themselves in brick and mortar operations except for a few disruptors such as Uber and Amazon. Physical premises required customers to arrive on-site to experience the business organization’s full range of offerings. Trust was the function of the physical location of headquarters and subsidiaries before trust extended to the brand name. During the pandemic, most businesses heavily vested in brick and mortar operations suffered significant losses. Few were able to recover by expanding their operations online. However, those that transitioned from brick and mortar operations to online and those that practice hybrid operations, online and physical, have yet to adapt to e-commerce. The problem is communications. And here in our original essay, we will show more information and cases, welcome!

Limited communication of business offerings increases the messy middle gap. The messy middle is the time it takes consumers to complete a purchase decision. The messy middle entails purchasing evaluation. Consumers weigh the pros and cons of buying a product or service from a specific business. Consumer decisions are easy when the business communicates sufficient information to inform their choice. By contrast, limited information only increases the frustrations of the consumer and increases the time it takes for the consumer to commit to a purchase decision; hence the term messy middle since it involves a lot of back and forth. Consumes worry about the legitimacy of the business and the quality of the product or service offered. The solution is threefold.

Firstly, the business organization should establish a strong social media presence. Pre-pandemic, all it took for a business to gain the trust of the consumer was to provide a listing of their physical locations. Post-pandemic, most businesses prefer to operate online and do not have a physical listing. Contemporary examples include Uber or Amazon which operate online. However, both businesses are thriving because of their strong online presence. Consumers rely on the experience of others in the social media comments to make decisions; thus closing the messy middle gap.

Secondly, the business organization should partner with a reputable public relations firm. Public Relations firms make short work communication solutions that companies spend months or years to achieve. A PR firm will easily link the business organization to its consumers successfully. PR firms excel in communicating what the business organization can do to meet the needs of the consumer. Therefore, Dagostino (2022) rightly concludes that businesses that are unsure how to gain significant market share can leverage the services of a reputable PR firm to communicate their offering.

Lastly, highlight the value proposition and marginal utility for consumers who purchase the business organization’s product or service. The value proposition and marginal utility are the ‘why’ of the product of the service. For instance, the why for purchasing no-sugar Coca-Cola beverages is to achieve positive health outcomes. However, in the absence of that information, the health-conscious consumers will not have enough information to close the messy middle gap.

In conclusion, the messy middle is emerging as a crucial obstacle for businesses to overcome post-pandemic. In particular, brick-and-mortar businesses with an online presence without the corresponding experience should strongly consider the solutions set forth by Dagostino. Hiring a PR firm to create marketing opportunities in social media and generate sufficient information to close the messy middle gap are novel approaches to communicate the business offering post-pandemic.


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