Essay on Elections in the United States

If you ask me, voting is something that is increasingly being taken for granted in the U.S. This is because many people are slowly becoming aware of the fact that the right to vote does not matter that much as they think. The last US presidential election explains this idea best. During the last US presidential election, Clinton obtained a total of 65,844,610 million votes while Trump who was the main competitor managed to garner 62,979,636 (Highton, 2017). In this particular case, Clinton will have been the president if we were to argue that the candidate that gets the largest number of votes becomes the president.

Voting from my point of perspective is actively handing power to those individuals whose interests counter those of the voters. It is a permission that influences permission to take advantage of people’s absence. One reason for this view is the now observation that many elected works hard to improve their personal life. This is something that cannot be done outside the office. To put it in a different way, the elected leaders will not be in a position to satisfy their selfish needs without being in their current office (Miller, 2015). The voters give these individuals the power to gain access to resources meant for them and then use it as they see it to be best.

What happened to America’s passion for civil rights is that it got killed when the country’s leadership began to promote discrimination especially based on race. Each of the elected leaders tends to support the people that he shares certain characteristics with. A good example of such a characteristic is race. A white leader, for instance, will always struggle to ensure that the fellow white people are given some privileges whenever there is chaos. The same thing happens in a situation where the person leading is black (Highton, 2017). Seeing this kind of social issue made many voters develop the view that political leaders worsen certain challenges facing society and are a waste of time to vote for them.

In order to restore previous passion for civil rights, it will be important to evaluate individuals that are running for political seats to establish whether to have a questionable character. Leaders with criminal records should be stopped from running for leadership positions. The reasoning here will be that such a move will be a way of preventing them from taking their moves to higher levels. It is important to note in this case that many people suffer whenever a single leader commits a mistake (Miller, 2015). The significance of allowing only individuals with no criminal records, in this case, is that it will help nurture people’s trust in their leaders.