Essay on Leadership Style Inventories

Preferred Leadership Style

Based on the earlier discussed leadership style inventories, I have discovered that we all apply the styles in our day-to-day activities. Through experience, I have discovered that I apply transformational leadership since I work beyond self-interest. I believe in rewarding hard work to motivate everyone and enhance job satisfaction. Through this week’s reading, I have discovered that the leadership style has allowed me to focus on the needs of others and has aided in the development of their skills. Additionally, it has allowed me to research better ways to make my colleagues knowledgeable, help them discover their talents, and improve their writing skills.

In reference to Ebrahim (2018), transformational leadership is a vital bridge between followers and leaders to develop a clear understanding of motivational levels, values, and interests. Realizing that transformational leadership can act as a bridge to improve my colleagues’ skills surprised me. At first, I thought it encouraged hard work by rewarding the best. Also, I am surprised to realize that it is aimed at making everyone happy and improving job performance, unlike other leadership styles aimed at achieving organizational goals.

The improvement of leadership style is influenced by the application of ways to enhance the style to achieve the set objectives. I would consider being a role model and having passion in all I do to influence my colleagues, being a keen listener and communicating effectively to encourage everyone to contribute, developing a positive attitude towards my colleagues and our day-to-day activities, and empowering them to come with new plans. I should work towards making everyone achieve the best. Therefore, I should research more on my leadership style to better understand all the tactics I apply.



Ebrahim, H. (2018). Impact of leadership styles on organizational performance. Journal of Human Resources Management Research, 2018, 1-10.