Essay on Outdoor Activities

For many people outdoor activity is the most common and usual way of having a rest or having fun on a vacation. While some of us prefer staying indoors with a book, others cannot keep their wild energy inside and keep on trying outdoor activities whatever the season. Along with it, a large number of people have outdoor hobbies like horse riding, surfing, camping, hiking, or canoeing. With time, they develop their skills, which gives even more pleasure and confidence.

Being active outdoors has many evident benefits. For many, it can be a good sport alternative or the way to keep their bodies fit and healthy. Sure, this is not the same as visiting a gym three times a week. However, energetic amateur baseball or basketball game may give an effective physical exertion that takes negative emotions away and gives positive vibes instead. Fresh air helps a lot to feel better after a hard week spent in college or at work. There are many proofs that this can never be replaced by the process of surfing the Internet all weekend indoors. For all outdoor activity lovers this is also an additional way to leave their comfort zones and overcome their fears of heights, trauma or others. Safety, without a doubt, is of great importance. Yet even the riskiest activities just keep calling our name.

Outdoor participation may be of different types depending on the season and the level of risk. Activities in both cold and warm seasons take place in different environments. For example, on the ground, in the water, or in the air. They may also be rather safe or pretty extreme. Everyone can find the most comfortable and affordable type of activity, because there’s a bunch of things one can be involved in – rafting, cycling, hiking, swimming or canoeing, camping, charter flight on a small plane or helicopter. The ideas are unlimited and each engagement may be suitable for different purposes and events. Even a romantic date may become unforgettable if spent on an air balloon flight or horseback riding.

Over the last years, some of the outdoor recreations have become the most trendy and popular among those who want to get the new portion of emotions and experience. To enjoy them, there’s no need to go far from the town or city you live in. Nowadays even small towns have many activities to offer. For instance, body jumping is an exciting way to get out of your comfort zone or overcome the fear of heights and the unknown. When flying from a bridge tied to it with only one rope, you can feel all imaginable emotions at one moment and one place – fear mixed with euphoria, joy, and surprise.

Each year more and more people tend to live a healthy life. Based on it, almost each city organizes running or cycling charity marathons where all participants donate a sum of money to support a charitable purpose. Such events inspire indoor activity lovers to try at least some of the outdoor activities and change their ways of lives.

On the other hand, outdoor activities became a good source of moneymaking depending on the region. For example, the recreation centers in the mountains provide one of the most popular winter vacation activities. This way, they attract people who are looking for such types of having fun. Living in the mountains, people earn by providing the services like mountain biking, horseback riding, Jeep travels, and similar that cannot take place in the city where there are no high hills around. A big role for the winter recreation, for instance, is given to the rent of equipment necessary for skiing, skating, sledding, which is helpful for those who do not have any of it.

I myself prefer spending my free time outdoor rather than in front of my computer if there is nothing urgent like finding important information or writing a letter to someone. Even park walks get me more relaxation and calm down my thoughts than playing computer games or watching sitcoms. For me, any outdoor activity is always better than any indoor ones, despite the fact that I like gatherings with my friends when we play board games to train our brains and savvy. Of course, I agree that from time to time we, humans, get tired and sometimes the best way to regain our strengths is to spend the whole Saturday in bed and doing nothing but relaxing or sleeping. Nevertheless, one day is absolutely enough to feel better and get bored at the same time. It is good when you have friends who share the same way of spending time with pleasure and outdoors. I think that any outdoor participation helps us feel inner changes by feeling different emotions that we may never feel while staying indoors.