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There are three components of speech organization, including introduction, body, and conclusion. I believe that introduction is the most important part of speech organization. This is because if this part of speech is not organized effectively, it could undermine the purpose of the speech and the credibility of the speaker. Thus, it is the most crucial step to achieve the desired outcomes. The introduction should have a clear idea about the topic. The speaker could set the tone for the remaining speech and keep the audience attentive and interested during the speech. Their attention could erode if the introduction is unclear, which would have adverse outcomes, and the purpose of the speech would not be achieved. It is advised that the speaker should use personal anecdotes so that the audience could familiarize themselves with him or her. This also helps present illustrations that would make it easier for the audience to follow the remaining speech. If the introduction is not prepared and delivered effectively, the audience would not connect to the speaker.

Although not all types of speech require factual or researched information, the inclusion of credible research in a presentation enhances its intellectual value. It is helpful to support assertions made in the presentation with credible evidence, which improves perceptions about presenters’ competence, integrity, knowledge, and judgment. Assessing the credibility of the evidence is an integral part of preparing the preparation. Therefore, the presenter must check the validity of information before using it. The evidence must be obtained from credible sources to convince the audience or readers. The supporting evidence provided in the presentation needs to be verifiable so that the audience could also search this information for their purpose.