Free Essay Sample about Songwriting in the 70s

Original Free Essay Sample about Songwriting in the 70s

The 70s, Songwriting in the 70s

The 60s and 70s were famous for the funks, and the funky music, art, culture, clothing was in style. Another word to define the 70s era would be “Eccentric” Weirdness, out of the box randomness and straight-up idiosyncratic attitude was unleashed and discovered. The 70s were the time when the greatest hits of all time rose and ruled. Perfectly imperfect portrayals of dressing, art, and craft were hugely in fashion (David Brackett). It was like a person got straight out of bed and right in front of the camera. Being rusty, punky, and in simple words, out of ordinary dressing and styling and music were born mainly in this decade.

Rock music came into existence when artists went a bit overboard and did what is normally considered to be too shabby and bold. Out of style became the new in style and perfect imperfection came into existence. Loud sounds with a lot of instruments overcrossing each other but at the same time sitting perfectly together is what makes rock music rock people’s lives (David Brackett). New genres came into existence, which might include folk-rock, hip-hop, punk rock, etc.

The decade began with The Rolling Stones dropping their two best albums: Exile on Mainstream and Sticky Fingers. These were the most Haggard Rock Albums World had heard. James Brown, Clapton, Zeppelin, Marvin Gaye Aretha Franklin, and the ex-Beatles were a few of the huge list of artists who rose to their prime time and unleashed the best art world had seen up till then.

In the 70s music industry had a lot of money, everyone had to buy albums, of which the royalties went straight to the artists, hence their art would sell and they’d get money to keep them motivated and their pockets supporting them for the next big album.



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