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The COVID-19 pandemic has had a significant impact on human lives. Also, the pandemic has challenged the education sector across the globe. Educational institutions have faced several challenges due to the pandemic. Most of these institutions closed their premises in response to lockdown measures (Biswakarma et al., 2021). However, educational institutions continue to analyze the pandemic and support their student’s academic progress. These institutions continue to take precautionary measures to prevent the spread of the virus. In addition, higher education institutions introduced online learning to replace face-to-face lectures. These measures affected the education system and students’ academic progress. Here on our website, in this essay on education, you can find more information about business and the impact of pandemics and challenges the educational sphere is facing.

The outbreak of the coronavirus disrupted colleges and universities. Most of these institutions canceled in-person classes and introduced online-only instruction. Precisely, the pandemic disrupted almost every aspect of college life. It also threatened the financial future of such institutions. Education officials had to cancel classes in response to the growing COVID-19 outbreak (Biswakarma et al., 2021). Also, HR professionals support universities deal with the crisis. The opening of educational institutions posed new challenges and transmission risks on campuses. These institutions implemented various prevention practices and testing strategies.

Davidson College helps students develop humane instincts and creative minds for leadership and service. It is a residential learning institution that believes in shared obligations (Davidson, 2021). Also, the institution emphasizes the teaching responsibility of its professors. The college studies the rapidly evolving circumstances surrounding COVID-19. It remains committed to promoting social distancing and protecting members of its community. As a result, the institution has taken several precautions to limit the spread of the virus.

HR is involved in the recruitment and retention of college employees. It also advises faculty and staff on various issues. Precisely, HR officials are committed to achieving cultural diversity and excellence. Davidson’s HR considers employees an important asset and strives to respond to their needs (Davidson, 2021). The pandemic has forced HR managers to rethink their roles as they adjust to social distancing and a new work environment. For instance, the college has adopted a remote work model. HR has replaced face-to-face collaboration with video-conferencing and email. The pandemic introduced a difficult task for HR managers. As a result, HR professionals are concerned about the health and well-being of employees. Also, HR managers are trying to maintain the productivity of employees. Davidson College is mission-driven, and its leadership team embraces shared values when making decisions. HR respects the dignity of all human beings and pays attention to the needs of others. Specifically, HR managers pay attention to the needs of the most vulnerable individuals in the current situation. HR emphasizes the importance of an individual’s obligation to safeguard his health and the community’s health.

The current pandemic does not respect borders, just like new viruses in the past. Educational institutions are using different mechanisms to address the current situation. For instance, Davidson’s HR has made some changes in how the college operates. HR managers suggest that they continue to adjust to new public health guidelines. These individuals continue to monitor guidance from public health experts at local, state, and federal levels. Also, the college has re-examined its staffing policies and enrollment procedures. COVID-19 response has pulled HR departments in different directions (Biswakarma et al., 2021). It has introduced several responsibilities that the HR department has never handled before.

HR leaders guide policy updates and new protocols during this uncertain time. Also, these individuals develop mechanisms to boost morale in the organization. HR should provide clear and consistent information during this time (Shanley, 2020). The HR team should pay attention to new regulations and prepare for any changes. In addition, the team must play an important role in creating policies and procedures for the new academic year. The current pandemic has created more problems than solutions for organizations. However, it has created an opportunity for institutions to review their HR policies. The institution should collaborate with the HR team on workforce planning and cost-saving opportunities.

HR teams have played an important role in leading organizations during the current pandemic. Clear and consistent communication can help HR deal with health risks. For instance, HR managers should ensure employees understand organizational policies (Shanley, 2020). HR managers should develop a flexible work schedule and increase remote working. These individuals should determine the necessary competencies for employees to work digitally. Also, HR must be ready to change employee experience strategies. HR managers should determine whether to change performance goal-setting. New employee monitoring tools will help to monitor remote workers and collect employee safety and health data.

HRM strategies help organizations implement different functions in their HR departments. Such strategies must align with the overall strategies of the organization. In this way, such strategies help the organization attain its long-term goals. Frequent communication is an HRM strategy that fits the institution. This strategy will bring the institution together and help in sharing important updates. Also, the strategy will help organizational leaders engage with employees regularly (Shanley, 2020). It will also drive transparency and create an open forum where employees and leaders can discuss various issues. Such an approach will help the institution develop mechanisms to promote employee safety and well-being. However, HR managers should evaluate whether the strategy is working. These individuals should monitor employees to determine whether they understand the new policies and procedures. The HR team should seek employee feedback to understand their level of awareness.


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