How to Be Productive Even on Holiday

Stay productive and happy

If you are a student, you probably always wait for the holidays. However, staying productive is a need if you want to stay on top of your studies.

After a festive season, it is important to return to your university studies and make this return as painless as possible. Even if you are on Christmas vacation with your friends, the examination session in May will be approaching soon. To avoid unnecessary hassle and stress, start thinking about it in advance.

Here are some useful tips that will help you cope with all your academic and routine tasks even while on holiday.

1. Start Your Day Healthier

Despite the temptation of endless coffee sessions and fast-food outlets around the town of your stay, think about making your breakfast a bit healthier. You can substitute them with a good portion of dumplings and protein drinks with fruits.

If your meal is healthy, you will feel more active and focused on the hectic academic schedule which is coming. Healthy food will supply your body with nutrients and energy to stay fit and optimistic. Being in shape means keeping your brain in good condition too so that you can both enjoy your holiday and think in advance.

2. Do the Most Difficult Tasks First

So, your day has started, and you have a lot of plans for it. However, you also need a special calendar with all your academic essay tasks in it. List out the most difficult task to do during this day. It can be Accounting Theory, for example, containing a lot of things to memorize. You may not cope with the whole task within one day, but you are sure to make some progress, which will help you in the future. When the writing task is completed, your mood will fly high, and deep satisfaction from it will help you with many other complicated things.

Try to assign yourself some revision slots and make them your priority. You may be in the first batch to take the exam and won’t have a chance to use the past year’s notes. So, it is better to start long beforehand to be on the safe side.

3. Put Aside Social Media

You need a sort of detox when you think seriously about your future exams. Social media is like a cookie treat for many students, so don’t allow it to distract you from your tasks. Put your phone down and avoid checking social media for updates every time you think about them. Don’t let them distract you, and your daily study sessions will become more productive.

The only app you can use here is Todoist for time management and planning. It will show you how much work you have completed and what kind of goals you have achieved. The best thing about this app is that it can help you block from your social media accounts temporarily to reduce this useless waste of time.

4. Make Quizzes

If you travel on your holiday, you can easily memorize the clusters of information on the go. Try to recollect your professor’s quizzes and the mistakes you used to make. So, it is worth using Kahoot for self-testing. You can see how well you understand the topic in this way. Or you may develop specific flashcards with questions and, while traveling with friends, test each other with these quiz questions.

5. Reviews Are Important

For the first half of your academic year, you have been creating mind maps or some visual aids to retain knowledge in your mind. Now, it’s time to scan these schemes. You can even upload the screenshots or digital copies on your device. You can use them everywhere when you have a pause, even if there is no Internet connection. It is especially helpful when your journey is long, and you travel around by train or train.

If you have some spare time, try to do once again all the tasks in which you have made mistakes or haven’t got a high score. That will refresh your memory. They can also be questions and answers from the previous part of the course. You may re-read these questions and answer them to check yourself.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, these tips will help you spend your holiday usefully and enjoyably. They can also show you how to keep to a more productive study-life balance in the future.

You can have writing tips of your own as well, which will help you stay involved and effective throughout the academic breaks.

Anyway, your holiday should be jolly and engaging. Stay active, socialize with your friends, meet new people, and visit interesting places. Though, don’t forget about the hard work ahead and be prepared for it.