How to write a proper abstract for a research paper?

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Research papers became common not only for university students but also for younger students. However, many people may have issues writing it because they don’t know how to complete it, use proper elements, and write everything according to the rules of correct research. Moreover, many people don’t even know the definition of different research elements.

And the common question on the Internet is writing an abstract for your paper. In this article, you will learn what the abstract is and how to write a proper one.

What is the Abstract?

The abstract is a part of a text that represents a short conclusion of your article. It is an essential part of research papers, which shows the summary of your research. Usually, this part contains 150-200 words but requires certain rules to follow.

  • Abstract has to contain all the information about your research but motivates people to read the full article. It doesn’t have to contain different advertising features, including questions.
  • You have to put all the information about your research. You have to write information, analysis, and arguments you have used in your paper to allow examiners to see the tools you have used in your research.
  • You should recollect the information from your full paper without spoiling it.
  • You can also use some bibliographic references, sources you have used.
  • You should also remember that your abstract has to be short.

The main purpose of the abstract is an opportunity to recollect all the necessary information about your article.

What should the abstract contain?

The abstract paper has certain information to contain. You cannot just write down the summary of your research.

First of all, you have to include the context of your paper. Background information about your article would be necessary. Moreover, you have to include the general topic of your studies and all the specific research issues.

Secondly, you have to include your main questions related to your research to make clear what the article is about. You need to show that you are examining, for example, an issue of racism and include all the tools. Moreover, add the preview of research result. You have to make sure that this previous answer will represent the global issue of your full paper.

Nevertheless, include your reason for choosing the exact topic. Report the importance of it, examples of it, why you chose it, and what is the issue of the topic you have chosen. Also, include the information about previous research and make it clear that you could fill all the gaps of it.

Moreover, you have to include all the tools you have used to make the research possible, including your sources, websites, etc. Add different arguments for your research and its significance of it. Make clear that your work is not only essential but also practical.

In fact, this part of your paper will contain all the information the reader needs without give whole material. So, make clear that your abstract contains all the information from the full paper so that people who read it will understand everything without the full version.

How should the abstract be presented?

The appearance of the abstract depends on many factors. In fact, you have to send it to your professor first before presenting your entire paper. Moreover, completing the abstract would be easy when your entire paper is ready. This way, you will not have to edit your abstract again. It is a summarizing part.

Choosing tense in your abstract

There are 3 different samples of research articles.

  • A social Science research paper requires using present tense to give people an explanation of different common terms, which are naturally permanent, and their definition doesn’t change.
  • A humanities research paper requires describing different events, which took place in the past. So past tense is the way to describe all the necessary things. However, you can describe the result of those things, so you will have to use the present tense.
  • A scientific research paper requires present tense due to the fact that people use constant terms. However, if you take a closer look at the definition of these terms and the etymology, you will have to use the past tense.


The conclusion is simple. Writing an abstract is a complex thing. Still, it does not require as much effort as you may think. The best way to write it correctly is to use the conclusion of your main paper.

It is crucial to give a short summarizing article to your audience and make all the information clear for your readers. In this article you can find simple rules that you have to follow to make your abstract good-looking and well-formed.