How to Write and Create Comics Characters

Marvel Book

This article is about comics production in the Marvel Way, representing a new creative guide for making up characters and writing about them.

Who Is Mark Waid?

Mark Waid is the author of a comic book with 30 years of experience. He has been renowned and acknowledged by many publishers in the industry. He is an author of ‘How to Create Comics in the Marvel Way,’ a detailed guide on writing and designing processes, which would be useful for students to make a better understanding of how to write a successful essay.

What About the Book?

The book by Mark Waid is a new product of collaboration between Simon & Schuster and the famous comic publisher. It regards a new methodology of marvel comic storytelling. It also describes modern approaches to writing comic books in general.

All in all, Waid tried to look inside the comic creation process featuring the technical side of it and something more. He teaches his own unique ‘Marvel Method’ as a new approach to creating graphics in fiction. This approach is likely to be accepted and enjoyed by both readers and comic writers.

Humberto Ramos developed the cover of the book. It will go on sale on the 5th of July, 2022.

We will see a thorough description of the comic creation process going through all the stages, from the first pencil draft, choosing inks and colors, and using modern technology to implement the ideas.

Waid’s Idea of the Book

Waid explains the main idea and objectives of his book in its announcement. He says that it was not just to write one more ‘how-to’ instruction but to provide the sole view of comic creation based on his own experience which can be useful for everybody involved in this field – essay writers, artists, editors, and other experts. He wants to give them an efficient tool and guidance on bringing comic characters to life.

Final Thoughts

This guide is not a new idea as a whole. It is the second version of a similar book. The first was created by Stan Lee, an outstanding Marvel designer and John Buscema, a talented artist and illustrator, who co-worked at the initial iteration of the guide.

However, time has changed, and technology advanced, allowing for new features and approaches that make comic creation a stunning job.