Nursing Research Paper

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Nursing Research Paper

Nurse practitioners, clinical nurse specialists, nurse anesthetists, and nurse midwives are examples of APRNs who play essential roles in the growth of medical delivery (Kapu & Ivory 2022). APRNs are frequently primary healthcare clinicians who remain at the vanguard of offering preventative healthcare to the general population (Bolanatz & Lyons 2022). This research paper will help support this statement through my experience with APRNs, my views on their roles, and my revelation about the role of the APRN.

My experience with an APRN was when I received care from a nursing practitioner who attended to the bodily injury I got from a terrible slip on a wet floor. The first action was to take my heart rate and weigh myself. Lastly, the nurse practitioner counseled me on adherence techniques and urged me to stick to the provided and recommended therapy, ensuring protracted compliance. The program also involved cross-communication with other specialists, such as physicians. On weekdays, I was also urged to phone the nurse for help with any problems. My experience with APRNs has altered my perception of them as more empathetic healthcare workers since I saw how they operate and gained knowledge on the amount of compassion needed to attend to these patients endlessly. Before this experience, I initially viewed APRNs as just nurses who reported to duty for the institution’s sake, not knowing the immense commitment required. The biggest revelation personally from this experience is that APRN practitioners may create better interpersonal and concrete ties with patients versus physicians, plus they are generally better at patient caring (Carley & Garrett 2022). When patient care needed cross-disciplinary contact, discharge preparation, follow-up treatment, and organizational labor, the benefit of APRNs was demonstrated.

From this research paper, the conclusion that I would share with other students is that using APRNs to expand patients’ accessibility to urgent and vital care is attractive and helpful. According to this research, implementing the APRN function in the care and emergency healthcare environments enhances patient results.


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