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Original Free Study Case on Deforestation for Free for TheOriginalEssay.Com

Deforestation refers to the cutting down of trees where new ones are not planted. It is the most significant source of greenhouse gas emissions and various environmental pollutions. However, it varies differently across the continent. Forests are lost at a very high rate in tropics and subtropics compared to undeveloped countries where forest cover is increasing. Current years have brought various struggles to stop deforestation. Brazil, for example, shows a drastic decline in cutting down trees. Here in this free study case on deforestation we will sow more information.

United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) summons for a complete stop to deforestation. Initiatives such as the Bonn challenge target is recovering 150 million hectares. In central (Roy 4) America, cattle ranching is also associated with the cutting down of trees to create enough space for the allocation.

In Central America, world life fires also contribute mainly to deforestation. Trees are burnt down hence destroying the vegetation. Major causes of these fires are caused by human errors such as throwing lit matches carelessly. Consequently, countless trees are lost. The other thing is lack of enough rain or no rain. It is a condition that causes the trees to wilt and dry up. Volcanoes largely contribute to the loss of trees – Mount St. Hellens, for instance, erupted in the 1980s, and the hot lava brought down trees from one side of the mountain. Animals such as elephants rub against trees to get lead from insects biting them. With this commotion, trees sway and eventually fall off.

Human beings are viewed as the most significant and extensive threats to trees. With the high growing population, this means that people need more food hence creating space for cultivation. In parts of Central America, trees are used as a source of heat, cooking, and shelter. In these communities, trees are felled to create room for homes, new roads, and even upcoming malls and markets.

With this study, it is evident that some of the factors mentioned can be halted entirely. Ending deforestation is the dream of every country. It is why various campaigning movement such as the green peace (Ostag Bob 32) was formed. It is the organization that calls upon the stop the cutting down of trees. The movement strongly calls upon against other weaker forest products. Companies can also implement policies like the zero-deforestation to tidy up the supply chain. It means that the company will hold the suppliers responsible for producing timber, palm oil, and paper products.

Clearly, human errors are the most contributing elements towards deforestation. Therefore it is humanity’s responsibility to protect nature and its environs. Educating friends and the community on the importance of trees will help. On the contrary, they are avoiding methods such as biofuel and biofuel that produces greenhouse gas emission. Moreover, using recycled products might help and show a socially responsible manner and support efforts to amplify the voices of indigenous people and traditional communities.

In conclusion, we need world leaders to hold domestic and international forest conservation policies based on the current scientific state, giving the world a chance to avoid extreme climate disruption. Deforestation and degradation are complex matters that lack an immediate solution, but the aforementioned solutions can significantly reduce trees. As a community, Humankind’s responsibility is to make sure that we play our part and conserve the environment. By doing so, the outlook of nature will completely change to a more friendly place to live.


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