Question and Answers. Essay on Mental Health

Mental Health

Answer 1

Yes, after seeing this video, I can see how the stigma related to mental illness is a lot more prevalent in Africa as compared to the western world. The TED Talks Speaker Sangu Delle even narrates the stories of his childhood to express this point. He told how the “half-naked man on the street” was seen as the only symbol of mental illness. Delle expresses the idea about the “African Masculinity” among his fellows in Nigeria as the root cause of this stigma (Delle). But I think this stigma is more related to the lack of awareness about the types of mental illness among the African due to the lack of availability of healthcare facilities. That is why they either have to suffer in silence about their mental condition or they are handed over to their local pastors or witch doctors for “treatment’ (Delle).

Answer 2

I believe that the distrust in the American healthcare system in the form of a broken health insurance system is the principal barrier in front of African-Americans and Hispanic males in American society. There are two major reasons for that. One: healthcare in the United States is ridiculously expensive as the hospitals can charge any price they want through their chargemasters (Tru TV Network. Two: the general levels of per capita income among the American minorities is relatively low as compared to the White Americans. The latter reason is also responsible for the lack of counseling facilities among African-Americans and Hispanic males. Lastly, there is also a lack of education and awareness among the American Minorities that stops them from seeking help for their mental problems. This can be inferred by Delle’s statement on how he denied his school nurse from arranging treatment sessions regarding the mental trauma he was facing at school (Delle).


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