Research about Argument from Observation: Semiotic Analysis of a Space

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Description of Public Space

The chosen public space is Dilworth Park, which is located in Philadelphia. The Park has a dining center, a fountain, tree groves, and a lush summer garden. The Park was first opened in 1902 and has been operational since then. The Park located at 1S 15th Street Western Part of the City Hall opens at 6.00 am and closes at 1.00 am (Dilworth Park, n.d.). It operates from Monday to Sunday. Some events are held in the Park annually. For instance, there are child-friendly educational programs. The Park has activities that ensure fun and happiness among families. However, critical changes have occurred since the onset of the pandemic, as visitors are required to wear masks and keep social distancing. There is hope that these will change with the introduction of the vaccines to enable the population enjoying time in the Park to have normal lives.

The Park is National Historic Landmark. Management of the Park ensures that it is accessible for all populations in the region. Various groups have been visiting the Park. These include families, students, workers, residents, sportspeople, and tourists. The Park provides an entrance to the SEPTA subway, which consists of trolleys, trains & subways. They can be accessed through the elevators (Dilworth Park, n.d.). These are linked to the Benjamin Franklin Parkway and Philadelphia Convention Centre, connected to the Market East destination. The mission of the Park is to create a competitive environment for the city of Philadelphia where people can easily access the workplace and have a beautiful environment to visit and relax. The Park also offers leisure activities, retail services, cultural activities, and artworks (Dilworth Park, n.d.). The CCDI (Centre City District) has leased the facility to Philadelphia city with the primary goal of getting 90% of the fifty-five million dollars that was used in the construction. The CCD has been involved in ensuring that the Park is cleaned, maintained, and it has a conducive environment to create an experience for the visitors. The CCD also ensure that there is security during the day and night/

Written Analysis of Part of the Space

The Park is a beautiful place with a lush lawn, tree groves, a fountain, and a café. The fountain is used in warmer months, especially during the summer period. Management of the Park provides favorite activities for all groups of people visiting the Park. In this regard, they ensure that various events occur during the week to improve visitors’ experience. For instance, it is worth noting that there are musical performances, movie screens, festivals, and happy hour specials.

There has been essential for increasing the number of visitors in the Park, as they always seek to learn writing tips and something new. The event occurs during the day and night. The management has ensured that there is XFINITY WIFI in the Park. These activities are based in the transit hub (Dilworth Park, n.d.). The CCD has ensured that the facility becomes sustainable through adequate maintenance, and there has also been the removal of barriers to facilitate skating for students and sportspeople. There has also been an improved underground transiting into the main gateway to ensure easy access and exit.

Choices Made During Construction

The DP Park was constructed to the west of the city hall. There have been renovations in the Park. Currently, it is under the management of the Centre City District, which has leased to Philadelphia city. The Park is designed with a high-quality gateway for public transit. Also, there are social amenities and ongoing programming that are beneficial to the visitors. These were designed with the primary purpose of ensuring visitors’ experience. The Philadelphia city has been looking to provide visitors will activities that are critical for supporting missions of the Dilworth Park.

The Park was also built based on environmental sustainability principles. The city council rules and regulations govern the Park. A contract governs the leasing of the Park to the city of Philadelphia. The CCD has ensured that the facility has a greater service level compared to other parks across the state. It was also created to provide job opportunities for people in the area, as retail shops have been established. There are also specific activities that are allowed in the Park. These have been essential for generating on-site revenue. Other sources of revenue include event fees and permits.

The Park was also built adjacent to the government offices, businesses, and residential houses in the region to improve accessibility. In this regard, the Park is surrounded by a working and living environment for residents. It is critical to ensure that there are reduced costs to park, which will not affect how the public uses the Park. The CCD has also played a critical role in attracting employees from the business, government offices, families, tourists, or visitors by showcasing the vitality of artwork found in the state. The cultural, civic, and economic activities have also been showcased. This is to ensure that there is enough revenue generated to maintain the Park while also obtaining the amount used in building it. The CCD has been ensuring that the activities that do not meet the demands for the use of the Park do not occur in the Park to prevent damages and protect the environment.


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