Research Paper on “Pink and White Tyranny, Authors Thesis”

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Pink and White Tyranny, Authors Thesis

Originally written and published in 1871, the book “Pink and White Tyranny” is a light, seemingly, comic story on a frivolous young woman who mainly marries for money. But, like most of the works or writings of the book’s author, Beecher Stowe, things are different like what they seem to be on the surface. The young girl’s life depicts the difficult life for most African Americans undergoing slavery. The young woman Lillie Ellis is just petted and flattered from when she was born, and John often flatter her by saying, “Who is that beautiful creature (Stowe, 1871)?”. After tricking the upright and adoring John Seymour into a relationship that ends in marriage, she becomes the victim. She encounters what other African American women in the nineteenth century undergo.

This “society novel,” as it is best referred to, instead, serves as critiques of the dominant observation that women should utilize their femininity in order to ascend or rise to power. This is Beecher Stowe’s main idea in this society novel. Stowe tries to fight against the aspect of black American women being lied to and, in turn, falls into this trap and becomes used by men. For instance, John continuously refers to Lillie as “… celebrated, the divine Lillie Ellis, the most adroit ‘fisher of men’ that has been seen in our days (Stowe, 1871).”  Lillie naively falls a trap into these empty words and tries to do everything she can to win John’s heart and be accepted. Reflective of her progressive domestic and moral views, this novel appears to be a refreshing work that mirrors a social satire showcasing Beecher Stowe’s comic capabilities and her progressive views about the slavery endured by most African American women in the nineteenth century.



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