The importance of using academic writing properly

Student studying academic writing

Academic writing is a certain style of writing in the scientific and philological world, which provides an intellectual connection of your text with the sources you have used. This formal tone includes different rules that everyone should follow. Among some of them are writing using the third person, the focus on the researched issue, and lack of epithets.

The use of an academic tone is common for different science, medical, and law articles. Let’s learn how to use it properly.

The importance of academic writing

Academic writing is important to different scientific research papers. You have to use this style to focus on the issue mainly, creating an atmosphere for studying the topic. You have to avoid all the unnecessary factors that can attract attention and move the reader to the central issue of your article.

Moreover, you have to create an image of your text and make it scientific. So, academic writing is simple but strict. This way, you just leave the paper with different “dry” facts connected with the context of your research.

Rules of the academic writing

Academic writing has a style that is focused on facts. For people that used to write in a fiction style, academics can be hard for working with.

The consistent style of the work

The main feature of the academic style is the fact that it requires you to make a consistent text, where all the sentences are connected with each other. However, you should forget about unnecessary information that will distract from the main idea.

The tone of the academic style

At the beginning of completing scientific research, many people considered that if they are investigating some negative event, they can use different negative epithets.

You should always keep a neutral tone because your main task is to create not an attitude toward a certain event but a way to learn more about the topic. They will make their mind up only after reading your article. So, you have to avoid all the negative and positive phrases, focusing on facts only.

The diction

The diction is about your speech. You have to be careful about the words you choose while describing your research. In fact, the number 1 rule of the research paper is to use the third person instead of the first person. This way, you have to say, “We researched” instead of “I researched.”

Moreover, your task is to use different terms related to your research. Still, you also have to explain the definition of the words you use. For example, if you use the word “computer,” you have to clarify what exact machine you mean by writing this word. Also, the main factor is that you have to give the reference to the source you have used to define the word.

The language you use

Language is an important part of academic writing. In fact, the language you use depends on your chosen topic. You cannot use different abstract phrases like “they” or “people.” You have to ensure that people will always know who you are talking about. (Not “they,” but “the members of [organization name]).

Also, it is important to remember that you cannot use different “shortcuts.” Instead of writing “a.k.a.”, you will have to use the complete form of the abbreviation, which is “also known as.”
And you cannot use different determinations that have no specific value. Words like “good,” “big,” and “small” are forbidden.

The length of the sentence

The length of the sentence is important. For example, you can use the semicolon mark to make your sentence longer. However, many examiners do not welcome long sentences. In fact, you have to make your expressions short since it is easier to read simple one thought and keep it in mind.

Reasonable arguments

Academic writing does not allow you to express different theses without giving any proof. Even if you think that some statement is obvious, and you do not have to prove it, due to the rules of the academic style, you will have to find a piece of evidence to show to your reader.

For example, if you are researching some YouTube algorithms and claiming that the most popular channel on the platform is T-series, you have to provide a link to the statistics, which shows its number of subscribers.

Mark the issue of your work

While doing academic research, you have to explain the necessity of your work and give people a piece of information about why exactly your paper is remarkable. Give information about other previous research to provide information about filling gaps, etc.

Reach the point of higher-order thinking

This rule of academic writing means that you have to reach the level of your work, which is not only about examining the issue but digging down straight to some different points of view on the topic.

However, even using the other level of thinking about the process requires you to give the information with a certain level of simplicity, so it would be understandable to your target audience.

Is that easy to use in academic writing?

Academic writing is an important style of scientific research. Even though it can be complicated sometimes, this style allows you to create an excellent text that would be understandable to the audience and do significant research on different topics.