Useful techniques for a successful brainstorming

Techniques for Successful Brainstorming

The production of new ideas is important in many spheres of our routine. Studying, work, art – all these activities require generating a bunch of ideas if you want to get a desirable result. So, brainstorming comes as a way to create a vast number of ideas to generate the needed one.
However, the approach to this method of ideas generation is always individual, and some people would feel numb having to express their thoughts.
In this article, we will take a closer look at different brainstorming ideas, which might come in handy for many people who want to maximize their productivity at work.


If you want to make up your processes, you can use storyboarding. This way, you will have an opportunity to create a great area for generating ideas and seeing different conflicts and supports by creating different visual stories, which would be like a whole narrative with different ideas.
While using different boards and sticky notes, you will be able to see different ideas and solutions to problems.

Reasons, why this technique works great, are:

  • You see a narrative pattern of your solutions and ideas;
  • Opportunity to see the overview of the brainstorming process, which doesn’t create additional pressure on your mind;
  • You see all the blocks of generating an idea.

This method has different practical ways of realization, which include an opportunity to highlight key processes, improving the building of further steps of idea implementation, creating different promos.

Creating a mind map

The creation of a mind map is a great option for making a great workflow. This way, you can use just your computer to organize your ideas.
The main benefit of mind mapping is the fact that you have no borders. You can make this map huge sized to highlight all the needed information. This method is pretty familiar to storyboarding. However, it has the benefits of creating a special table.
The main benefit is an opportunity to create a group table. This way, you will be able to create different highlighted clusters. This way, you can not only allow other people to affect your brainstorming map but also separate tasks.
However, this method requires access to different devices.

Word association

Word associations are a method of brainstorming, which is more like a game for many people who want to generate new ideas. This way, you will be able to create a certain word map.
By forming your bank of words, you can create connections between the words, which would be great for generating ideas. This method requires no effort because you just have to write a word, place it somewhere on the board, and continue your business.
You don’t have to fully manage your idea. So it also simplifies your job and requires only making up a word you want to. This way, it reminds us of a game, which leads to the creation of a good working atmosphere.

The S.C.A.M.P.E.R. scheme

SCAMPER is a process that has an expanded tenet of work, combining many different attributes. You have to substitute, combine, adapt, modify, put/find another use of the project, eliminate, reverse.
This scheme requires your ability to multitask. You have to know the purposes of the project, calculate different results of the project, combine different other ideas, adapt to different issues, modify your plan and eliminate different parts of it, and see other opportunities to implement your plan in other ways.
This is not a game-like scheme, so you will have to strain your brain. Still, it is an effective scheme, which leads to creating a great set-up plan that would have many other tasks. You will be aware of different issues, so you will not see unexpected problems.

The analysis of S.W.O.T.

This method is a simplified way of the S.C.A.M.P.E.R way of brainstorming. You just have to know the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats of your plan. This method doesn’t require calculating different outcomes of your plan. This way, you just have to make up your idea, learning all your plan’s benefits and why your plan is weak.
With the help of this method, you will be aware of the weaknesses of your plan to enhance the strong sides of it. This method requires less time than the previous one, but you still need to spare your precious time to create a reliable plan and idea.

Zero Draft technique

Zero Draft is a simple option that requires creating a simple text about your thoughts on the idea. In fact, you just have to write down a text of your thoughts, a plan about your subject, its importance, and what you need to complete it.
This way, you will have a simple plan for your work, which would give you an opportunity to create a simple idea on how to work on your project. However, you will not have all these brainstorming options, which are available in other methods. So, your working process depends only on your willingness to work.
Still, this method would be simple because you can create a simple text or a listed plan, which would be comfortable for you.

The scheme of a reverse brainstorm

Reverse brainstorming is an option for creating an issue yourself. You can make up the situation of a temporary crisis, which would lead to the solution to your problem.
If you want to create a security system for your website, try finding people who will hack it to see your weak sides. However, this method is the most uncommon one because this requires creating a stressful situation to start brainstorming.

Why are these methods practical?

While using these brainstorming methods, many people are able to create a great and reliable atmosphere for their workflow. The creation of maps, boards, word banks, and other things have been used by many people through many years. Of course, not all methods will suite you. That is why you need to try each of them and see how these experiments will go. Sooner or later, you will find the one.